Friday, March 18, 2011

Its about Perspective.

One of my favorite stories is about the Texas rancher who was doing agricultural consulting for a farmer in Germany. He asked the German farmer about the size of his property, to which he replied, “About a mile square.” When the German asked the Texan about the size of his ranch, the rancher explained that if he got in his pick-up truck at dawn and drove until sunset he would still be on his ranch. Not to be outdone, the farmer replied, “I used to have an old truck like that!”

All joking aside, it’s important to have the right perspective. Unfortunately, the Christians in Laodicea had the wrong perspective about wealth (Rev. 3:14-22). By all appearances, they were rich. They had plenty of earthly goods and thought they needed nothing—not even Jesus. But Jesus had a different perspective. In spite of their material prosperity, He saw that they were “wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked” (v.17). So He invited them to become truly rich by seeking what only He could provide: purity, character, righteousness, and wisdom.

Let’s not make the Laodicean mistake. Instead, let’s keep our perspective right about what it means to be rich. True wealth is not measured by what you have but by who you are in Christ.

In Christ we’re rich beyond belief
With wealth the world cannot see;
We have new strength and character,
New righteousness and purity. —Sper

The poorest person is he whose only wealth is money.

Extend aid to Japan victims, Malaysians urged

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak called on Malaysians to extend material and moral support to the people of Japan whose lives have taken a dramatic turn following the March 11 earthquake.

In tabling a motion in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, the Prime Minister also called on the international community to continue extending assistance and humanitarian aid. Najib said the calamities in Japan had saddened not only Malaysians but also people from all corners of the world.

“Malaysia, which enjoys a very close relationship with Japan, can feel the difficulties faced by the people. However, the burden is much heavier on the shoulders of those who have to bear it. “It is only appropriate for Malaysia to offer any form of assistance it can afford to Japan, whom we regard as our close friend,” he said.

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan’s northeast coast on March 11, unleashing waves which killed thousands of people.The disasters were described by Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan as “the worst catastrophe since World War II”.

Najib also told the Dewan that Malaysia was touched by the Japanese government’s deep appreciation over the humanitarian assistance offered to them. “Japan has helped Malaysia achieve progress and development and it is only right that our people extend humanitarian assistance to them,” he said.

The Malaysian embassy in Tokyo, he said, had set up an operations room to contact Malaysians in Japan. “There are 5,009 Malaysians registered with the embassy and thankfully, all those who have been contacted are safe.”

He said Malaysians placed at evacuation centres had received adequate water and food.In adopting the motion later, the MPs observed a minute of silence in remembrance of the victims.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Earthquake.wmv - - file sharing - download movie file - Japan Earthquake.wmv

Japan Earthquake.wmv - - file sharing - download movie file - <a href="" target="_blank">Japan Earthquake.wmv</a>

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Your Keirsey Personality Type?

You are abstract, pragmatic, directive, and expressive. You tend to be highly skilled in situational organizing, directing your own actions and those of others. Your talent for contingency planning is a close second to your ability to coordinate, decide, and execute a strategy. Born an engineer, you want to break an idea or concept into its most fundamental parts, subject those parts to intense scrutiny, and reassemble the idea before giving it your final approval. You have a strong desire to give structure and direction to groups of people. Of all the role variants, you are the most likely to see where an organization is headed, and you want to communicate that vision to others. You often rise to positions of responsibility in work and enjoy being an executive. You may not actively seek out leadership responsibilities, but will often volunteer yourself to take charge in situations where leadership is absent or has failed, or where a power vacuum suddenly exists. You search more for goals and policy than you do for procedures and regulations. You take a straightforward and tough-minded attitude toward tasks, approaching them with impartial analysis, and basing your decisions on well thought-out plans, impersonal data, and overall probability of success. You expect others to follow your vision, and you are willing to remove stumbling blocks that prevent a given system from being fully productive. For you, there must be a goal-directed reason for executing any plan. People's emotions are generally considered secondary to raw data in any decision-making process. Famous Fieldmarshals include Napolean Bonaparte, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, and Margaret Thatcher.
Famous Fieldmarshals:Napolean, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Margaret Thatcher
% Population:2%
What's Your Keirsey Personality Type?:Quiz Questions

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 19-20..Family Event

Will be speaking on the Role of the Husband and the Role of a Father - Every Man a Son this coming father's day in are welcome.

i-youth - Life Worth Living Seminar

i-youth - Life Worth Living Seminar
Living to tell life is still worth living because of Jesus. Lee Chin was totally disfigured in an acid attack, contemplated suicide several time but found Christ and because of Jesus, she lives to tell others Life is Worth Living. Li Chin recently spoke to more than 10,000 people in partnership with Campus Crusade's i-youth, in Kuching

I-youth Venture 2008

I-youth Venture 2008
giving 3 months of your life, March to May every year. From Left: Joyce, from Klang. Jessalynn, local JB gal, Jared - Klang, all 3 have completed STPM, got their result, applied for Local University and finally, Jocelyn from Perlis who have also completed SPM and planning to pursue Study in a Private College.